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First nest description of the Azure-shouldered Tanager (Thraupis cyanoptera, Thraupidae)

Paulo Victor Queijo Zima, Daniel Fernandes Perrella, Mercival Roberto Francisco


The genus Thraupis represents the typical tanagers, and despite the commonness of some species their reproductive aspects are poorly documented. Here we provide the first description of nests and nestlings of the Azure-houldered Tanager, Thraupis cyanoptera, and we provide additional information on eggs. We found three active nests at Carlos Botelho State Park, southeastern Brazil, in September and October 2014, and in November 2016. The nests were built within large tangles of bromeliads, 4.1–5.2 m above ground. They were shallow bottom-supported cups, composed mainly of elongated stripes of dry bromeliad leaves. Eggs were subeliptical, with white background color and small brown spots and blotches evenly distributed throughout the surface. Nestlings had pink skin and gray down, with ocher bill and white swollen flanges. Although more forest-dwelling than other congeners, the Azure-houldered Tanager seems to tolerate some habitat disturbance, as nests were observed in clearings.

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