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First observations of the diet of the Pearl Kite (Gampsonyx swainsonii magnus) in southwestern Ecuador

Adrian Orihuela-Torres, Jorge Brito, Juan Manuel Pérez-García


We describe the diet of Pearl Kite (Gampsonyx swainsonii magnus) by pellet analysis collected in an active nest in southwest Ecuador in May 2018. Reptiles were the most consumed taxonomic group both in frequency of occurrence (FO = 46.4%) and in biomass (B = 59.8%), followed by birds (FO = 33.9% and B = 38.3%) and insects (FO = 19.6% and B = 1.8%). Our results showed Pearl Kite as a generalist raptor but with a higher consumption of reptiles, which is according with previous studies in other areas where other subspecies inhabit, despite this subspecies showed a higher consumption of birds. Despite the low sample size, this study is interesting as it is the first one on the diet of the Pearl Kite for Ecuador and also for this subspecies. Basic studies on the trophic ecology of Neotropical raptors such as this are needed. For this reason we encourage further studies to fill existing gaps in
knowledge and improve effective long-term conservation strategies.

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