Vol 22 (2014)

Brazilian Journal of Ornihology Volume 22(3)

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Comparative population densities of three species of doves (columbidae) in disturbed landscapes in northern Paraná State, Brazil PDF
Priscila Montes Fontoura, Mário Luis Orsi 245-250
Uniformity of diet composition of Brown Skua chicks at different ages and between siblings PDF
Maricel Graña Grilli, Lucas J. Marti, Diego Montalti 265-269
Reproductive biology and nest-site selection of the Mato Grosso Antbird Cercomacra melanaria in the Brazilian Pantanal PDF
Bianca Bernardon, Paula Fernanda Albonette de Nóbrega, João Batista de Pinho 270-277

Systematics, Taxonomy, and Distribution

Age and gender related plumage variation of psittacofulvine pigments: the case of the Yellow-faced Parrot Alipiopsitta xanthops PDF
Carlos Barros de Araújo, Luiz Octávio Marcondes-Machado 251-259
Occurrence of the Eastern Slaty Thrush (Turdidae) in southern Brazil during the non-breeding season PDF
Huilquer Francisco Vogel 260_264


New Record of the Rufous–Vented Ground–Cuckoo (Neomorphus geoffroyi dulcis) in the Atlantic Forest, Brazil PDF
Fagner Daniel Teixeira, André Aroeira Pacheco, Fernando Cesar Cascelli Azevedo 278-280
New records and distribution extension of Buteogallus solitarius (aves: accipitridae) in Venezuela PDF
Adrián Naveda-Rodrigues, Gabriela Lugo 281-284
First record of the andean Flamingo in the Brazilian amazon PDF
Bianca Bernardon, João Valsecchi 285-287
Feeding of nestlings of the amazonian motmot (Momotus momota) in southern Goiás, Brazil PDF
Marcos Antônio Pesquero, André Grassi Corrêa, Marcos Felipe Pesquero, Henrique Marques de Paula 288-291
Tap patiently, hit safely: a preying tactic of the White Woodpecker on social wasp nests PDF
Ivan Sazima 292-296
Hunting the unexpected: harris’s hawks (Parabuteo unicinctus) preying on bats in a neotropical megacity PDF
Rubén Ortega-Álvarez, Rafael Calderón-Parra 297-299
Black-throated antshrike preys on nests of social paper wasps in central French Guiana PDF
Sean Mccann, Onour Moeri, Tanya Jones, Gerhard Gerhard Gries 300-302
The Grey-bellied Shrike tyrant (Agriornis micropterus), a new tyrant flycatcher for Brazil PDF
Gina Bellagamba, Danielle Bellagamba-Oliveira, Rafael Antunes Dias 303-304
Predation of Green iguana (Iguana iguana) by Guira cuckoo (Guira guira) in northeastern Brazil PDF
Alysson Guedes Coutinho, Kalyl Sivino Serra, Luís Gonzaga Sales Junior, Daniel Cassiano Lima 305-306
A case of partial leucism in American barn owl (Tyto furcata) (Temminck, 1827) from Buenos Aires province, Argentina PDF
Maria Cecilia Chiale, Luis Gerardo Pagano 307-310

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